Generate certified eSignatures for the purpose of signing a variety of professional documents and forms


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DocuSign is a cloud-based solution that offers an electronic signature solution for enterprises of all sizes. DocuSign operates in almost all industries, and this cloud-based solution can be utilized to sign almost all types of documents. These documents range from business contracts, permission slips, or even approvals.

DocuSign works by allowing a user to upload the document that they want to be signed. Once uploaded, the document is sent through email to the signers. It contains instructions on how and where the document should be signed.

The signature fields can be embedded into applications, documents, or into websites. Users can track the document's progress that they want to be signed by checking the status on their account dashboard.

DocuSign users can be able to view at what stage the document they want to be signed has re-ached. If a user feels that the process is going slow, they can also send reminders to the signers. Users can also sign the document in multiple languages.

DocuSign is available on all platforms, windows, android, and iOS. This and its multilingual capability help to make it available for various communities around the world. Since its inception in 2003, this company has helped simplify things for companies and individuals worldwide.

DocuSign was the firm that pioneered the development of E-signature technology. This technology has helped many organizations to connect and automate their agreements processes. Companies can be able to automate how they prepare, sign, act on and manage the agreement. This has helped to cut costs and improve the bottom line for the business.

Profitability has not been the only benefit to the business. The cloud-based solution has also helped save the time spent in the agreement process. This has helped them to be more efficient and productive. The saved time and costs have been utilized by businesses to grow and expand. This has helped to create new jobs and opportunities for lots of people.

DocuSign is the number one way for anyone from almost anywhere in the world to sign electronically on almost any device. This worldwide reach has helped to impact millions around the globe. The company is among the top 10 global technology companies.

The cloud-based solution has been instrumental in helping organizations and individuals understand that paper-based agreements are a thing of the past. Paper-based agreements are expensive, prone to errors, slow, and manual.

This inefficiency results in lots of money lost in costs and wasted time. DocuSign eliminates this inefficient system by automating everything. The system can also be integrated with other business systems through features such as APIs.

DocuSign has more than 350 prebuild integrations that help to link with other popular business apps. This helps to connect DocuSign clients with mobile apps, customer workflows, and websites. DocuSign serves hundreds of millions of users from over 180 countries.

Pros of DocuSign

  • It helps business to improve efficiency and lower costs
  • It helps to improve security
  • It helps to promote accessibility

Cons of DocuSign

  • It's not free
  • It has a size limitation on files uploaded to each envelope

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Document Signing
  2. Signature History and Audit
  3. Regulatory Compliance

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Custom Branding
  2. Internationalization
  3. User
  4. Role
  5. and Access Mgmt.
HQ Location
San Francisco, CA
  • Individual: $10
  • Standard: $25
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